Saturday, March 10, 2012

Alzheimer's Sucks

After my difficult day yesterday I could have used a little break, but the universe seems to have it out for me this year.  My day started at 3 am when my Grandmother's assisted living facility called.  She was in pain and had a "boil" on her back side and wanted to go to the hospital.  Of course I had to be at work in 5 hours and could not sit with her at the hospital for 6 hours to be seen.  AL said that they could not give her anything for pain since they did not have a doctor's orders, but if I gave her pain medication that would be okay.  So I got dressed and me and my DH went over and gave her some Tylenol.

Of course since I needed a kick in the gut, at 3:15 am my Grandmother is more lucid than she has been in 2 years.  She remembered that I was pregnant, she collected items from her room to give the baby.  I thought that she would forget again so I just played along, plus I have been told not to tell Alzheimer's patients about deaths since it just upsets them and they don't remember later.  I promise to take her to Urgent Care once I get off work and we go home and go back to bed.

Work was steady, but not crazy and I get off on time at 4 pm and go directly to pick her up.  She said that the Tylenol did nothing for the pain and was frantic.  I took her to Urgent care where they diagnosed her with a pilonidal cyst/abscess and conjunctivitis.  They started her on pain medications and antibiotics.  While waiting to see the doctor she said that I was not showing very much for the baby being due on April 13th.  I lied and told her that the baby was due in late summer.  Then she told me that she was hoping for a girl, but the most important thing was that the baby was healthy.  It took everything I had to not start sobbing as I told her that was right a healthy baby was most important.  I keep hoping that she will forget again.  Hell she normally can't remember anything for more than 5 minutes and now she knows my due date?  The Universe has a crappy sense of humor.

My DH did apologize at 3 am for the things he said that night and I forgave him.  I don't think that Grace would want her parents mad at each other.

I am now heading off to bed and hoping for no more 3 am phone calls.  Another picture of Grace to end this post on a good note.

Goodnight my Darling... Mommy loves you.

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