Monday, December 31, 2012

Bad Kitty Blues

We had our 16 week appointment last week the day after Christmas.  We found out that Baby Bear is another girl.  I feel closer to her knowing what gender she is, but honestly I would have been fine either way.  I am just so glad that she is looking healthy and growing well.  We saw her suck her thumb and try to pick her nose.  She is funny, so different from Grace, not as shy and more playful.  Grace would always shake her little fists at us, like I am sleeping stop pushing on me!  My two girls.  Now Mark and I just need to decide on a name!

I ordered her nursery furniture a few weeks ago and we have now assembled the changing table and the crib.  I guess I can order the sheets and decorations now that we know she is a girl.  I will post the nursery transformation pictures later.

I feel like I am the biggest drama magnet ever, but I think that I am just having a really bad run of luck.  Which honestly I can handle as long as Bear stays healthy and keeps growing and kicking (which she is actually doing right now as I am writing this).  My kitty Louie can no longer live at our house, and I am so sad.  He has been pooping outside the litter box for 6 months now, we have changed litter 4 times, added extra litter  boxes in the locations he was pooping in (Baby Bear's room), switched his asthma medications in case the pills were stressing him out.  We (well Mark) cleans both litter boxes daily.  We started to find cat urine on flat objects a few weeks ago, on the mat leading into the litter box and then a bag that was on the ground.  Yesterday I caught him urinating on the Christmas tree skirt.  I know that logically we have done all we can, and that we cannot live with a cat who uses our carpet as a litter box.  I don't want Baby Bear crawling on the floor of her room and finding a cat turd.  However I also feel like a failure for not being able to rehab him back to the box.  I contacted a rescue group yesterday and am waiting to hear if they can help find a new, less stressful home for him.

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