Sunday, December 16, 2012

My heart breaks for the families in Newtown, CT

The news this week just shook me to my core.  To know some of what those families are going through, to have your baby go to school one day and not come home.  To have them shot by a mad man for no reason on a Friday just before Christmas break.  I have lost a child, I have held her sweet lifeless body in my arms and kissed her and hoped that she knew how greatly she was loved.  Now there are 20 new mothers holding their children's lifeless bodies and hoping that they weren't scared at the end and that they knew they were loved.  My heart goes out to those women and their husbands.  I wish you did not have to join this sorority of baby loss and child loss.

I have always been an advocate for gun control, but after this and the Batman shooting and the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, why are there still people who think that guns are the answer?  We cannot keep guns out of the hands of man men, so let's keep the guns away from everyone.

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