Sunday, December 23, 2012

Acts of Grace

When Grace died we asked friends and family to remember her by performing acts of Grace no matter how big or how small.  Many people said they did, and would sometimes e-mail or tell us what they did, others we hope did something, but they never shared their acts with us.

We have made several donations in her name since she died: food for a food bank, bereavement materials for other BLMs and dads to the hospital where she was born, and monetary donations to March of Dimes and other baby centered charities.  This year for Christmas I spent the money that I would have spent on gifts for her to buy items off the wish list from the Banner Cardon Children's Hospital.  We went down about 10 days ago and dropped of the items.  They were greatly appreciated and I love the idea that they will brighten the day for a sick child or the parent of a sick child.  I would like this to become a tradition with the donations being targeted to kids who are as old as Grace would have been.  This year my gifts were for the NICU and infant patients.

Our good friend Sally also allowed us to share in her Act of Grace.  She bought a toy chest for a local woman's shelter called Seeds of Change.  They are a small organization for women in highly dangerous domestic violence relationships where the abuser or victim also has substance abuse issues.  They just opened a new transitional home for women who have children.  Sally decorated the chest and inside on the middle section she stenciled Grace's name.

She also bought toys to fill the bins.  We went with her to deliver the toys and the chest to the transitional home.  The women and kids were so grateful and it was a beautiful moment.  Sally shared that this was in honor of our baby Grace that died.

I will write an update on the situation with my  mother soon, but this one is just for my precious girl Grace.  I love you and miss you always sweetheart.

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