Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grace has a new kitty friend

We made the impossible decision to put our kitty Louie to sleep today.  He was our pooping outside the box boy.  It was finally clear that he was not doing this because he was mad or stressed, but because he was neurologic.  It turns out he had a kitty version of something like Parkinson's disease and had been falling in the litter box and that was why he was not using it any more.  All of this really just became clear in the last few weeks as his neurologic symptoms worsened.  So I took him to work and we put him to sleep.  I got so upset I started vomiting just after he passed (I am sick with a mild case of food poisoning).  Also today is 11 months since Grace was born so the grief is just compounding and expanding.  I know that saying good bye to Louie was the right thing for our family, I know that he was not going to get better and was in fact getting worse by the day, but he was still him, his mind and spirit were happy and I ended that too.  We gave him the best day today, canned cat food, all day out in the house to play and lay in the sun, so much attention, we took a nap together, I loved him with everything I could.  He was so happy.  Now I am so sad.  The right thing and the easy thing are rarely the same are they?

Louie  - we will miss you!


  1. Godbye Louie the cat. Our cat, Moses, is playing up there with Eva and Grace, and our horse, Penny. Plenty of good company up there but you will be missed here.

    I blogged about my moms's cat not long ago. Here is the link.

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  3. That's a stunning image of Louie. So sorry you had to face that decision, but find it completely understandable. Louie knows your love and felt it, I've no doubt.