Sunday, January 20, 2013

Halfway there... how did we get this far?

As of Friday I am 20 weeks pregnant, Bear is halfway done gestating.  She moves often, she is more outgoing than Grace was and does not mind kicking on command.  It is nice for Mark since Grace would stop moving as soon as he would put his hand on my belly and Bear just keeps kicking away.  My belly is pretty obvious now, and my pregnancy side effects are as well, sneezing and coughing are continence busters at times, leg cramps are daily and I am even having round ligament pain.  I don't mind a single one, I will go through anything to bring this baby home alive.  At this stage with Grace we only had 3 more months left with her, I think about that often.  Will I have more than 3 more months with Bear?  God I hope so.  So although we are halfway there in terms of time there is a lot more of this mountain to climb.

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  1. While I can't help with much. I can say that a calcium and magnesium (get them both in one capsule) will definitely help with the leg cramps.