Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grandma's 87th Birthday

Yesterday was my Grandmother's birthday and the first time that I have been to see her since she moved into Memory Care.  I was nervous about seeing her.  She had some really bad behaviors last weekend, cursing at staff, throwing things, inappropriate eliminations etc.  I had her sent to the hospital to make sure that there was no medical cause for her behavior break.  When dementia patients have physical illness it can cause sudden, severe worsening of behaviors.  She was medically cleared so I made the decision to move her from regular assisted living to the Memory Care section.  Memory Care is a locked ward with a much lower staff to resident ratio.  It is set up to meet the special needs of Alzheimer's patients, but I was worried that she might not need that level of care and would be surrounded by residents that were much lower functioning than she was.  She was doing great and was on the same level as the other residents who were all dressed and clean and seemed happy.

We took her out for root beer floats and had cake.  All that worry and we had a great visit.  She doesn't remember that I was pregnant anymore.  I so wish that she could have met Grace and I could have some pictures of her with Grace.  I also hope that we will have more of her birthdays to celebrate in the future.

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  1. Your Grandma looks sweet. Can't imagine her throwing anything! Although my MIL has very advenaced parkinson's and the accompanied dementia so actually, yes, I can imagine your sweet grandma throwing things. I think, on some level your grandma does remember your pregnancy. I remember a post you made quite awhile ago about how she had a lucid moment and asked about the baby etc. I wish you had a photo of her with Grace too.
    Love to you..Em