Sunday, October 7, 2012

Capture Your Grief, Day 7: What TO say

She meant a lot to many people, but to you she meant the world.
 There is not one thing that I remember as a perfect thing to say, but the people who sent cards, called, listened to me cry, asked me about Grace those were so special for me.  If anyone needs advice on what to do or say for a BLM, just ask her about her baby, she knew that baby so well, she wants that baby's life to be important and mean something to more than just her.  Also don't just ask for the first few weeks, ask 3 months later, send a card for the baby's 6 month birthday, help celebrate a 1 year birthday.  Because the loss gets different with time, but it NEVER goes away.  Grace should be here with me now, that feeling that she should be here has not changed at all since the day she died and it never will.

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