Saturday, August 4, 2012

Travel Log: July 10, 2012

Today we slept in.  I had this dream of taking yoga classes on both sides of the island and even picked out studios to practice at on the Internet prior to our trip.  Unfortunately none of that came to pass, for many reasons, but mostly because I was accommodating what Mark wanted to do.  So since this is our last day here and no yoga yet, Mark offered to teach a private class for me in the condo.  It was the strangest yoga I have ever done, but it was so sweet of Mark and I loved every minute of it.  Afterwards I made our last Hawaiian breakfast of toad in the hole and stuffed papaya, which we ate on the lanai.

Last trip to La'aloa, M boogie boarded and I walked on the beach, took photos and read.  It was overcast so we skipped snorkeling and went back to the condo to start laundry, pack and clean up.  For lunch we went to the Kona Canoe Club and split a so/so chicken sandwich with a 1/2 order of onion rings.  They are very serious about half orders, ours was literally 2 onion rings.  We were right on the bay, so at least we had a nice view.  Next to KTA to redeem our $10 gift card, which we had won previously when shopping there.  We used it to buy more coffee.

Finished the laundry, packing the suitcases and cleaning the condo.  We checked out and needed to find an activity to occupy us until our 10:45 pm flight.  We decided on a drive to a beach in south Kohala just to explore and not to swim since we had no place to clean up afterwards.  We took a detour at Waikiloa Village and spur of the moment changed our plans and decided to have a sunset dinner at the nicest restaurant in the Hilton.

The Hilton was massive with three huge towers connected by, I kid you not, a tram.  There was a salt water lagoon, six dolphins, a gigantic chlorine pool with a sand beach, water slides and a rope bridge.  However the actual ocean beach was very rocky and not swimable.  It kinda felt the Disneyland, and although it was pretty, it lacked authenticity.  I'm glad that we had the vacation we had and not the easy, generic luxury of this place.

Our sunset meal at KPC (Kapuna Provision Company) was fantastic, the view to die for and the meal very, very well prepared.  The amazing photos at the end were taken here.

After dinner we fueled up the Crown Vic and returned her to the rental car company.  Then check in at the tiny Kona airport.

All in all it was a good trip.  As good as any trip could be in a world without Grace.  I know that she is always with me, but I would give anything to hold her, see her smile, hear her laugh.... I know that I will have more children, but that doesn't take the ache and hurt away of losing our first born.

M's Yoga student

Breakfast on the lanai

KTA Winner!

Feeling the Eastern Meditation vibe at the Hilton

Our dinner table at KPC

Last Hawaiian sunset

Wishing she were here

Mother Nature showing off


  1. That gorgeous sunset. I wish Grace was there to share it with you.

  2. beautiful pictures, and I'm sure Grace was right there with you, although not in the way we wish they were with us.