Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little scare with Grandma

So I got a call from Copper Village (Grandma's new memory care facility), they said there had been an incident.  In my previous experience that means she has had a behavior break and is spitting, cursing, ramming people with her walker, etc.  I figured the "honeymoon" period with the new home was over and we were back to all the issues from the previous home.  Nope, this incident was medical.  I went from being elated that it wasn't a behavior issue to then being worried that she was not okay.  Turns out ot was failry minor, she got dizzy and almost fell, but was caught by the care worker.  Mark and I went to see her right away and she was good, alert, remembers about as much as she normally does.  We had a nice visit.

Unfortunately Mark was so worried that when driving out of the garage he dinged my car.  We got the bumper back on, but will have to see if more advanced body work is needed.

Also yesterday was my 36th birthday.  I worked which was a nice distraction and had really nice clients all day long.  Mark made me a sour cream blueberry cake which was very yummy and we had dinner at Blue Adobe with some friends.  It was a pretty gentle day which was what I needed.  Not having Grace here made everything seem hollow and incomplete.  So now when I get pregnant again I will be advanced maternal age... hey I'll take it if it means we have another baby soon.

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