Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Just having a lazy Sunday.  I need this lazy day.  This week has been brutal.  Busy at work, lots of emotional cases.  I euthanized a handicapped man's 14 year old dog, 8 days after I had euthanized his 15 year old dog.  My Office manager euthanized her 5 month old mini pot bellied pig due to multiple orthopedic issues.  I had two older women yelling at me that they don't want to feed the prescription diet I am recommending for their dog because it has gluten in it and they are gluten intolerant so he must be as well.

To add to the fun of this week there was drama with Grandma beyond what I could have thought possible.  First a Monday call from her physical therapist saying that she was covered in feces and using it to paint on the walls if her room and therefore unable to have her PT that day.  She is concerned that she is depressed since she is not participating in any of the Memory Care activities.  Rushed after yoga to meet the PT and sign some paperwork Tuesday.  She says that Grandma is great today and doesn't even need memory care, now wants a psych consult.  Has a psych consult Friday, psychologist says that Grandma won't benefit from medications since she cannot remember her inappropriate behavior.  Grandma then barricades her roommate in the bathroom and the staff come running once her roommate starts screaming for help.  Grandma then proceeds to bite, scratch and spit in the faces of the staff trying to rescue the roommate from the bathroom.  Then she is taken out of the room to calm down, she wants to show the head nurse something she is upset about in her room and then once they are in the hallway hits the nurse in the head with a book.  Now memory care is recommending a psychiatric hospitalization at a place that specializes in senior psychiatric issues.  Great, will Medicare pay for it?  Hmm we'll look into that for you.  Waiting game begins for possible temporary transfer to Senior Psych hospital.

So today I am not doing anything, no laundry, no house cleaning, nothing.  Just reading my blogs, watching TV and hanging out with the pets and my man.  Wish that Grace was here to be lazy with us.  Wish we were pregnant again already instead of still trying.

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