Saturday, July 6, 2013

Praying for naptime

What a crazy time.  My girl is fussing and crying up a storm.  Yikes!  What does she want?  Food?  Comfort?  Basically she only stops crying when she is nursing and my poor nipples cannot do that 16 hours a day.  I love her, but I can't help dreaming about when she will take 2 naps a day and I will have a moment to do something, anything like fold laundry.  How to women doe this who have more than one child?  They truly are super women.  When I start to get really frustrated I just imagine that she is Grace and wouldn't I do anything for Grace to be alive and fussy and crying.

Now there have been good moments, a few, she was a smiley happy baby the morning of the fourth and we got some great pictures.  She has started to play a game I call "Faces."  It started with me mimicking the faces she makes at me, and has progressed to her mimicking the faces I make at her.  The play sessions do not last long, after all she has a busy schedule of crying to maintain, but they warm my heart and give me some patience for the next few hours of screaming.

The truth is I am a tired mom to a beautiful, living, baby girl and I would not trade one tired moment, but I can pray for those naps.....

The strength to keep going.

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