Friday, April 19, 2013

The Belly Shoot

I had my maternity photo shoot Wednesday this week.  I was worried that the pictures would not turn out, mostly because I weigh so much more than I ever have!  I realized that I weight 75 lbs more than I did my freshman year in college, ugh.  I know that I did not weigh enough then and now I am healthier and 33 weeks pregnant, but body image is a tricky thing.  Our photographer posted some preview shots on her blog and I think they look great, and so does Mark.  I hope to see the rest of them in a few weeks when she sends us our cd.  We had some photos taken with Grace Bear since that was the only way we could get a sisters picture.  I cried a little as we told her about Grace so she could honor the Bear the way she needs to be, after all my baby's urn is there.  She told us that she lost a son 10 years ago.  BLMs we ware every where.

Here is a link to some of our photos:

33 weeks, only 5-7 more to go.  Baby Bear keep growing girl!  Mommy loves you so much.


  1. the shots look great. I can almost see Grace kissing yout belly.

  2. I particularly love the black and white one. I know body image is tricky, but to my eyes you just look utterly beautiful.

  3. Amanda - I check in with you here at least every couple of weeks just to make sure everything is still okay (as okay as it gets, anyway), but am usually so freaking exhausted I don't comment. But I just had to tonight. Those pictures...I'm with Nomi -the black and white one is Spectacular. Magazine-worthy. Seriously.
    I'm so glad you did them. I'm so glad Bear is healthy and growing and OMG due in just 5-7 WEEKS!!! How is it everyone else's pregnancies go by so quickly when your own seems to take forever? I'm getting so very excited for you, I can. not. wait to see pictures of this little girl in your arms. Cannot wait.
    I know you've been through so much this pregnancy with your mom, grandmother, and all the emotions and stress that come this time after Grace. I'm SORRY I haven't been a better support. I wish I had a better reason than being so everyloving tired, but I don't. As you'll soon know yourself, your days will be filled filled filled with your baby girl, and any "you" time is mostly devoted to getting your life organized enough to get through the next day a little easier. Still. I AM here, I HAVE been holding you and Bear tightly in my thoughts and sending Yeeeeessssssss energy to Bear's successful and joyous arrival.
    Just so you know.
    (LOVE those pictures!!) :)