Saturday, June 15, 2013

Diagnosis: Resolved Failure to Thrive

So we finally had a good pediatrician appointment yesterday, Rosabella gained 7 oz in 4 days!  So she is now 7 lbs 5 oz, and only 5 oz less than her birth weight.  I do think that she had a growth spurt the last few days, she has been wanting to nurse hourly, which has taken it's toll on my nipples!  Thanks Em for the advice about the lanolin and cling wrap, it is saving my ta tas!  The pediatrician said that we could stop the formula supplementation and then we weigh her next week to see if she is continuing to grow on my breast milk alone.  We were a little tentative about cold turkey stopping especially since she has been feeding so much the last few days, so we decided to offer her a bottle if she has nursed for a long time and still seems hungry until this growth spurt is over.  If she is satisfied after a feeding then no bottle.  We feel a little more relaxed knowing that if she takes in enough calories that she can grow, although I am still sad that my breast milk alone could not accomplish that.  We will keep working towards our goal of exclusive breast feeding.


  1. I'm glad some of my unasked-for advice helped you out some. Non-bleeding ta-tas are always a plus when breastfeeding!