Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Scare at the OB's Office

I had a completely terrifying OB appointment yesterday. Bear was moving up a storm and I thought that was a good thing, but her heart rate was too high at 180. Her ultrasound was normal, my blood pressure was improved from last week (112/84), UA normal, but because she had a high heart rate we had to go to triage at the hospital for an NST. Our OB said that this was just protocol and that she was moving and active and looking great. However it was the first time we had been back to the hospital since Grace died. I drive by it every day I work, but I have not set one foot in the building (I had my OB take the donations we made for other BLMs). I was in the same admitting room (they only have 2), thank god I was not in the same triage room for the NST. We listened to her heart for 45 minutes, it sounded so fast the whole time as she was moving NON-STOP. I was begging her to calm down for a little while and let her heart rest. We were so afraid that this was it, she was in distress and we would lose her. I honestly almost wished for a C section so that she could be out and monitored even more. After the 45 minutes were up, our OB came in, she passed. Her heart rates were at the high end of normal, but still in the normal range (180 was her absolute high,her low 150). She had great movement and good accelerations and decelerations. We were sent home. I had a chiropractor appointment afterwards which I went to (the hospital bed and stress did a number on my mid back and I already had the appointment scheduled). She said that the baby was in a strange position (head down, face turned to my right hip) and she thinks that maybe she got into this weird position and panicked a little bit. All I know is that it was a LONG evening. She is moving good now, not crazy baby, but back to normal. I am glad that we went for the test and that she was okay, but can I take up to 5 more weeks of this?

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