Monday, May 13, 2013

Almost there

Survived another Mother's Day.  I got a 2 phone calls and an e-mail from 2 friends acknowledging me as a mother which was nice.

I am kind of obsessing about the house now.  I keep working in the nursery, but it never seems quite done.  I want the whole house to be ready for Bear.  Like if everything is perfect then she will come home with us.  I know that I am being silly and superstitious, but honestly that is kind of all we have.  I do kick counts almost hourly when I am awake and I do one before I go back to sleep every time I get up to use the restroom during the night (4 times on average).  I know that I am doing everything that I can, but I just need her to come home so badly.

Last night my FIL, the jerk called.  Not to wish us a happy Mother's Day, just to ask if we are getting anxious about the baby.  WTF, of course we are anxious, we HAVE been anxious.  Then he criticized the name we have picked for our girl.  The DH has a new name for him, Steamer (when he is acting like a steaming pile of dog poo).  We love the name we have picked for her and I could give a flying fig if he does not like it.  I know that he is not worth my ire, he is not a normal person and he acts poorly, I just hope he never says stuff like this around Bear and hurts her self esteem.  Then he will meet Mama Bear and he had better take cover!

Here is a pregnancy photo from a few weeks ago, I look HUGE, but it was a happy moment!

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