Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Escape from the NSTs

We had our monthly OB appointment today.  It was good, despite all my worry my blood pressure was normal and my swollen feet were just normal pregnancy stuff.  We talked about whether to pursue NSTs or not.  I was reluctant to have them, but wanted to know that if anything happened to Bear I had done all I could to save her.  The specialist said that they were highly unlikely to find a cord accident, so even if we had them with Grace we would not have been able to save her.  I finally decided last week that I would have them done and tried to schedule them with the perinatologist, but I did not have the right kind of referral (damn referrals and high risk pregnancy clinics!).  My OB said that there were several ways to measure fetal well being and suggested that we just start to some in for weekly appointments and U/S with him starting at 31 weeks, they could measure Bear's heart rate, amount of amniotic fluid etc and if anything looked off we are literally down the street from the hospital and the perinatology clinic.  This sounds like a good compromise to me, I get to be at the office I know, where the staff knows me and Bear is getting monitoring that is just as likely (perhaps even more so) to find any issues.  No more than 13 weeks to go!

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