Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Travel Log: July 8, 2012

A much better day than yesterday, although it still had it's share of misadventures!

Breakfast was French toast with organic, range fed, cage free eggs from the Farmer's market.  Then off on a short drive to La'aloa Bay Beach (Magic Sands Beach).  I wrote names in the sand and M had some great Boogie boarding.  I did get stung by a bee on the bottom of my foot, but other than that a fun outing.

Back at the condo for a shower and some laundry.  Lunch was another mis-step.  I wanted pizza so we went to Bianelli's, but it was closed.  Since Bianelli's was so close and we were going to get take out, I did not bring either camera.  The next closest pizza place was south of Keauhou, so we drove south to a place called Patz Pizza.  Unfortunately, it was MUCH farther than I had though and M was cranky.  We did eventually find the place and the pizza was pretty good.

Since we passed several coffee farms on the trip for the pizza we decided to take a tour of one, after eating, and sampled some coffee.  It was very interesting and I learned a lot about coffee.  I also learned sampling some of the world's best coffee, that I don't really like coffee...  Then we went to the famous Have a Ball Factory and purchased Donkey and Wild Boar Balls (chocolate covered macadamia nuts).

A short adventure in buying food from hippies followed (do we look stupid enough to pay $10 for a pineapple?).  Across the street for the aforementioned uber capitalist hippies was the Amy Greenaway Ethnobotanical Garden.  We walked over there and M chatted up the gardener and bought a very cool T shirt, but we did not take the garden tour.

Back down the mountain for snorkeling at Kahalu'u beach park.  It was fantastic, so many varieties of fish in big schools.  There were also some turtles sunning themselves and eating there.

Another shower at the condo and then a quick "game" of tennis and a sunset walk on the beach.  Wrote some more lost babies names in the sand as the sun was setting.  Dinner was left over pizza on the lanai at the condo.

M did end up having a good day, even after getting annoyed at the long, unplanned drive, to find pizza.  My day was also as good as could be expected.  What keeps coming up is that we are still so broken and fragile.  We would give anything to have our girl back.  She is so loved and so precious.

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