Sunday, July 29, 2012

No Island Magic This Time

A little break, dear readers, from the travel narrative.  We of course were hoping against hope that we could use this Hawaii trip to recreate whatever magic forces need to align for us to conceive.  We had a great run, really long luteal phase, ovulation days before I would normally etc.  Fertility Friend recommended a pregnancy test yesterday.  I debated about what to do, since I hate negative tests so much after having so many in the past.  I elected to wait until Tuesday, kinda arbitrary I know, but I would rather wait then have than damn one line looking at me instead of two.  My temperature fell a little yesterday, but held at the same level today, still well above the cover line, but then I started spotting earlier today and it is getting heavier as the day progresses.  I was so hopeful about this cycle and have even been having nausea for the last few days.  I know that there is still a small chance, but realistically I need to probably start to focus on my next cycle.

I do have an appointment with a hypno-therapist in a week and I am hoping that may reveal some subconscious blocks to pregnancy, since medically I am normal and my DH is normal and yet we don't get pregnant as easily as we should.  Although man when we did our baby was just the best.  Think good thoughts for me in the next few days as the final few lines are written in our island cycle.

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