Sunday, July 15, 2012

Travel log: July 4, 2012

Awoke at 4 am, dozed off until 5:30 am when the sun started to rise.  M can't wait to go in the ocean, but the beach is a good walk from the B & B, possibly a drive so I convinced him to wait until after breakfast.

As lovely as it is here I miss Kauai and Kapa'a Sands.

Started reading a new book The Keeper of Lost Causes.  Ate fresh tropical fruit and coconut macadamia pancakes for breakfast, carb dense, but tasty.  The other guests at the B&B this morning are German Literature professors at the University of Minnesota.  The woman was born and raised in Hilo.  They had a few reading suggestions for me, the most interesting is a feline serial killer mystery called Felidae.

M  finally got in some beach time at Honoli'i beach park, and got to boogie board.  There were tons of surfers there as well.  I wrote Grace's name in the sand with pebbles, and then decided to write the names of other lost babies.  I thought that they turned out really well.

I have felt so close to her here, as if she is sitting on my lap in the car and at meals.  No car seats for my girl!  Since we are trying to conceive I visualize being pregnant again and even talk to her new brother or sister.  I welcome them to our little family.  I hope this welcoming energy will encourage new life to come to us.

After the beach we headed into Hilo and ate lunch at Cafe Pesto.  M had the bulgolgi ono and I had a warm kalua turkey sandwich, wilted spinach, caramelized onions, poha berry-mango chutney on a garlic basted French roll.  We walked next door at had a black tea bubble drink with boba for desert.

Next we explored the impressive Farmer's market.  I wish that we had a kitchen at the B&B.  I could have made some phenomenal meals with the produce I saw at the market.

Our plan was to go to the Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Gardens, but it was closed for the holiday!  Instead we hiked on the Onomea Bay trail and took the 4 mile scenic drive recommended by the B&B.  We finished the drive with a Mango Madness smoothie from What's Shakin?

Short recharge at the B&B.  M planned to draw, but a new group of guests were noiser than the professors so not the serene environment he prefers for art work.

We drove back into town, bought some souvenirs at Walmart and Long's, then had a so so dinner at Nori's Saimin: M had Saimin and I had the Fish Moco Loco with Ahi.  The strangest thing was the restaurant was next door to a "hostess club" called Club Rainbow!

At the B&B we watched the fireworks over Hilo Bay from the lanai and cheered.  It was raining so we thought the display might have been canceled, but the show went on!  We had pouring rain and coqui frogs providing the soundtrack instead of the usual patriotic music.

I imagined it was an island celebration just for Grace.  A celebration of her life and her world changing spirit.  I miss her so much.  Baby, Mama loves you to infinity and back again.....

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