Monday, August 19, 2013

New Leaf... New Life... New Blog

I started a new blog last week.  One just for Rosabella.  It is about her journey and life and being a mom to an infant.  It is more of an open letter to her.  I talk about Grace, but she is not the focus.  I realized that I was using this blog for too many things.  It was about my grief, and loss, my anxiety and worry during Rosabella's pregnancy and my trials as a new Mom, but now I found that I was tempted to write more about Rosabella and I felt like it did not belong here.  This blog is called Shattered Dreams and honestly my rainbow baby needs her own place and Grace needs to be honored here.  I also worried that some of my readers could be hurt by all the discussion of Rosabella since my blog can mostly be found on baby loss sites.  So Rosabella has her own space, and Grace has her own space.  It means that I may not post here quite as often, but I still grieve my first born and I still need a place to talk about those feelings.


  1. This sounds like a very lovely idea for you and Rosabella. Sending you both so much love in this exciting time together, and always thinking of little Grace too xxx

  2. are you going to post the link to the new blog?

    1. Em the website is, but I just started so it is very under construction at present!